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Galp is an energy company committed with developing efficient and sustainable solutions in its operations and in the integrated offers to its customers, creating simple, flexible, and competitive solutions for the energy or mobility needs of large industries, as well as small and medium-sized businesses and individual consumers.

Galp’s offer includes various types of energy – from electricity produced from renewable sources to natural gas and liquid fuels. As a producer, the company extracts oil and natural gas from reservoirs located miles below sea level, while also being one of the largest Iberian producers of solar-based electricity. Industry leaders in the world's main sustainability indices, Galp contributes to the economic development of the 10 countries where it operates and to the social progress of the communities.

Galp has 6,360 employees. For more information, visit

Role in the project

Galp will take the lead of the Detailed Engineering, Procurement & Construction of the Hydrogen Production Plant, BoP & Interfaces (WP5) as well as of the Techno-economic, societal and environmental assessment (WP9).

In WP5, besides its coordination, Galp will be directly in charge of managing the EPC activities concerning the overall integration of the project at the Coal-Fired Power Plant site, including Installation Plan and System Integration Test Plan, Hydrogen Production Plant and Balance of Plant and also the interfaces with the Refinery and the Natural Gas Grid.

In WP9, the main tasks will be the Economic Evaluation and Business Case Validation of the H2 system.

Also, Galp will be in charge of evaluation the upside coming from the valorization of oxygen and heat, for which there’s a dedicated task.

Galp will also be deeply involved in Project Management and Coordination (WP1), Project Development & Financing, Regulatory, Permit and Licensing Process Management and Applications (WP3), Detailed Engineering, Implementation, Manufacturing & Integration of the Hydrogen Management System (WP6), System Operation & Demonstration of the Flexible Green Hydrogen Production Process (WP8) and Replication, Exploitation and EU-wide wide Industrialization (WP10)

Specifically, in WP3, Galp will lead the tasks related with Procurement Planning and Execution - Tasks 3.2 and 3.3.

Furthermore, Galp’s Sines Refinery will be one of the main off-takers of the hydrogen to be produced by the Project. Using such hydrogen will allow Sines Refinery to reduce hydrogen production from SMR, thus contributing to its decarbonisation.

Relevant Previous Projects

Since 2010 renewable energies play a growing role in Galp’s vision of the future and in his business.

Galp operates Enerfuel, an industrial unit in Sines which produces Fatty Acid Methyl Ester biodiesel from 100% residues through the transformation of used cooking oils and waste animal fats. In addition, Galp is also producer of Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, using a hydrogenation unit in the Sines refinery to co-process vegetable oil together with diesel, resulting in a biodiesel with characteristics similar to fossil fuel.

In compliance with the Renewable Energy Directive and national legislation, Galp has been introducing an increasing percentage of energy content of biofuels on road transport fuels in Portugal and Spain. Furthermore, the new European regulation set the framework for the next decade, making a push for advanced biofuels and limiting the use of some feedstocks. This is leading to new opportunities for new projects that Galp is evaluating.

The ongoing projects and initiatives made in the existing facilities to reduce Galp’s carbon footprint – increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions, development of biofuels projects in Brazil and Mozambique, and the development of the solar and wind projects in Portugal and Spain – clearly demonstrate the company’s experience and knowledge in the development of low carbon fuel projects, and efforts on the decarbonisation path.