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EDP is a global, vertically integrated utility company present in 28 markets on 3 continents.

Throughout its 40 years of history, it has been building a relevant presence in the world energy scene, being currently the world's fourth largest wind energy producer.

EDP has already 75% of its energy produced from renewable resources and the ambition is to be carbon neutral and all green by 2030.

Role in the project

Renewable hydrogen is one of the pillars of EDP’s strategy for energy transition, counting on the collaboration of three important companies in the GreenH2Altantic project: EDP Renováveis, EDP Produção and EDP NEW.

Being responsible for the global development of renewable energy projects, mainly wind and solar and, more recently, hydrogen, EDP Renováveis , through H2BU is the project coordinators.

EDP Produção, which operates the conventional energy production of the group, is providing technical expertise through its Technical Competence Centre for Hydrogen and managing the transition and adaptation of the infrastructure in Sines (a former coal-fired power plant).

EDP NEW, as a subsidiary of EDP’s group focused on R&D, is in charge of the exploitation plan development, regulatory and framework analysis for project implementation. EDP NEW is also involved in the development of the AHyMS arhitecture and the studies on the electrolyser characterization to provide balancing services to the grid.

Relevant Previous Projects

FLEXnCONFU: Flexibilise and decarbonise combined cycle power plants by integrating a fast-cycling 1MW PEM electrolyser, H2 compression and storage, and burn produced H2 in the plant gas turbine.

OUTPUTS FOR GREENH2ATLANTIC: operational control logic to steer the power-to-X and combined cycle power plant as part of an advanced process control system; assessment of gas turbine control system and safety requirements when fired with H2; permit and licensing requirements for H2 applications according to Portuguese regulation; standardised installation and integration plans.

BEHYOND: Bolstering the joint opEration of H2 and Offshore wiND (EEA.BG.CALL1.020.2019; EEA Grants Portugal). BEHYOND goal is to develop an innovative, modular, replicable and standardised concept to produce carbon free, green H2 through the direct coupling of electrolysers with offshore wind turbines.

OUTPUTS FOR GREENH2ATLANTIC: design of the power electronics interface system between the

electrolyser and the RE plant to allow for direct coupling; techno-economic and environmental models to assess the impact of H2 production systems across the entire value chain; novel predictive O&M strategies for the electrolyser.