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July 18, 2023

GreenH2Atlantic project to be funded by the European Innovation Fund

  • The GREENH2ATLANTIC project was selected with 40 proposals for the European Innovation Fund in industry electrification and hydrogenpromotion.
  • The European Innovation Fund is one of the largest funding programmes in Europe for the promotion of innovative low-carbon technologies.

Sines, 18 July 2023 – The GreenH2Atlantic project, promoted by HYTLANTIC to develop a renewable hydrogen production unit in Sines, will be one of 41 European proposals to be funded by the European Innovation Fund. The announcement was made by the European Commission last Thursday, 13 July. This European Fund aims to support companies in the development of clean energy and the introduction of technologies that contribute to the decarbonisation of European industry and promote its competitiveness.

The call from the European Commission dedicated to large scale projects received 239 applications and 41 were selected, among which the one presented by HYTLANTIC.

In total, the HYTLANTIC and 12 other companies and consortiums will receive around €1.2 billion in the category of industry electrification and hydrogen promotion.

The GreenH2Atlantic Project:

HYTLANTIC set out to develop and demonstrate a new renewable hydrogen production system with a capacity of around 100MW. The electricity needed for hydrogen production will be provided by wind and solar renewable energy.

The HYTLANTIC’s renewable hydrogen production plant in Sines will consist in the conversion of the infrastructure of the country's largest coal-fired power plant, which closed its operations in January 2021, into an innovative renewable hydrogen production facility with the installation of an electrolyser with a capacity of around 100 MW. With this conversion, HYTLANTIC contributes to an energy production model fully in line with national and European decarbonisation objectives.

In 2022, the GreenH2Atlanticproject obtained the status of a Project of Potential National Interest (PIN), demonstrating its alignment with the national and European strategy for decarbonisation and the phasing out of European fossil fuel imports.

GreenH2Atlantic is promoted by the company HYTLANTIC whose shareholders are EDP, Galp, ENGIE, Bondalti, Martifer, Vestas Wind Systems A/S.


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